Property Law

We have over 20 years experience in providing property services

Sale of Property

We have extensive experience in conveyancing for the sale of residential property in NSW. We were one of the first adopters of PEXA electronic conveyancing and have conducted many sales throughout NSW.

Our fixed fee of $2,200 includes:

  • preparation of contract
  • searches required for contract
  • liaison with your lender (if required)
  • PEXA fees
  • managing the matter through to settlement and completion.

Purchase of Property

We can assist you with any purchase of residential property in NSW.

We offer a flat fee of $110 for contract reviews (including seeking amendments and verbal or email advice to you).

Our fixed fee of $2,500 includes:

  • review of contracts
  • advice on your contract and whether amendments are needed
  • requesting amendments
  • liaising with your lender
  • attending to all steps required for settlement and completion
  • PEXA fees and other search fees

Other Services relating to Property

We can assist you with many other aspects of property in NSW:

  • Change of name on certificate of title
  • Severance of joint tenancy
  • transfer of property to a family member
  • transmission applications
  • notices of death
  • Advising on reverse mortgages
  • Guarantor advice
  • Preparation and advice on intra-family loans
  • Granny Flat agreements

Fixed fees start from $275

Property Litigation

We have experience in property disputes and litigation. Including:

  • s66G applications (appointment of trustee for sale)
  • Contested caveat applications
  • Constructive / resulting trust
  • undue influence resulting in transfers of property or change in ownership
  • specific performance of contracts for purchase of property
  • contract disputes

Hourly rates apply