Aged Care

Entering Aged Care

When you or a loved one need to go into an aged care facility, you will be presented with reams of information, mostly focused on the costs. The decision is often one made under some time pressure, let alone emotional and other issues.

You will often be asked to just sign the documents, without being given much of an opportunity to go through them.

Even if you do go through them you may be confused and also think they are standard terms so you cannot do anything about them.

We can help cut through the jargon. There are important aspects that you need to understand. It pays to have an experienced lawyer go through the documents. At LS Legal we endeavour to provide you with plain English explanation of the documents and make sure the documents comply.

We provide a fixed fee service for assisting with aged care contract.

Issues | Concerns with Aged Care Facility

If you have any issues or concerns about your aged care facility, we have experience dealing with Aged Care Complaints, and can assist you raise any concerns with the facility and with the Aged Care Quality Commission.

We assist in protecting and promoting your rights under the Aged Care Charter of Rights.

We are here to help you, so please contact us today.